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 WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, the old way of life is often violently replaced with the new. A thousand years ago, such a culture-destroying change struck the Anasazi, the pueblo-based "Ancient Ones" who constructed the magnificent city-states of Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, and similar enclaves throughout the southwestern? region of the U.S. 

       Caleb Stone, the Anglo rancher, and Shannni, the Anasazi princess are forced to face the violent upheavals of the 1870s American West during their epic journey back to Palenque, in the Sierra del Sur mountains of southern Mexico, the ancient "Center" of the Huastecs' civilization. 

 "I WANTED TO write something different." says author James Gibson. "I wanted to capture the grandeur of the historical American West, and to show how different the Native American culture was at that time. As a result, the story look on a life of its own during the 5-book series." 

       While the books depict an epic journey from Mesa Verde in the Territory of Colorado all the way south to Palenque, Mexico, they are written on the three levels: (1) an action-packed adventure story, (2) the coming of age of Caleb and Shanni in a drastically changing world, and (3) how religion, mythology, and shamanism create world views that shape people's action, both positively and negatively

       The books are both entertaining and provocative.

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