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 J.B. of Michigan says:

"Books 1 and 2  were great; should be made into movies.  The books were beautifully written.”

 Tom D. of North Carolina:

“Outstanding read!  Great combination of action and good wholesome love story.  Warning:  Once you start the series you’ll be addicted.” 


Dixie S. of Nebraska:

“I love this series and am excited to see there are two more books on the way.”


C.D. of Michigan says:

“Gibson enthralls the reader with graphic journeys into the world of shamanism.” 


Dale E. of Arizona:

“Again, all-in-all a very good read. You have quite an imagination—and I think this book (Anasazi Quest) was more complex in thought and writing than the first two.” 


Ralph G. of Michigan:

“A super read!  I love how this series combines the traditional Western with the Anasazi culture.”


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