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 AFTER RETIRING FROM a career in the automotive industry, James Gibson returned to his love of writing. "I wanted to write a different story," Jim states. "I wanted to capture Caleb's and Shanni's world views, how their cultures collided, and how they courageously overcame their ordeal to find happiness together."

        Jim is an avid reader, studying pioneer accounts of life in the American West. He has traveled extensively in the Southwestern U.S. to get the feel of the Old West and he uses his experiences to bring alive the grandeur and romance of those mythic times. 

        In the Anasazi Quest series, Jim combined his love of the historical West with his study of Native American shamanism to bring in an added dimension of life not normally found in action-based story telling. 

        Jim has many travel-related interests, and continually compiles information for inclusion in his novels. He and his wife reside in Michigan.

The photos to your left were taken in Palenque, Mexico, 2007. 


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